The Professor threw him out again. However hard he tried to convince him, he had to leave the class. For the fifth time.

The entire department bonded with each other. Courtesy, a trip to the nearby hill. Yet again!

He hugged his room partner tightly. The same way he did, when he bagged the best job offers and when he went through the toughest of times.

He did their signature greeting of twitching the eyes as soon he met his best friend. They smiled, as both of them still had their cutest picture together as their contact images.

They all sat at the divider, sipping tea. Everyone gave their daily update like they had been doing for the last 5 years. When all of them were together, they had to hit rewind.

The head of the department called out his name. It was the loudest he ever heard him speak. He would have been scared stiff on normal days. But this time, he walked straight towards him.

He had two cameras to look into. A DSLR, right in front of him and a phone camera about 500m away. He knew exactly where to look. He had been looking up to them all his life. As he walked away, he added an adjective to his list.





Inspired by – An Instagram post by Akash Tandon.

Title – Aditi Srivastava.


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