Sentenced to drama for life


“Hey Man! Long time since I saw you! How are you?” greeted Darcy when he saw Wyatt.

“The customary greetings from you again, huh, Darcy? Should never have taught you manners!” smiled Wyatt as he entered the room.

Wyatt and Darcy were always close friends, but their busy schedules had reduced the talks they had. “You don’t remember how you got here, do you?”, asked Wyatt. Darcy’s blank looks answered the question. “You really need to stop drinking so much. Though, I love having a conversation with you when you are wasted.” This cracked up both of them. They laughed hard, just like the old times.

“So, how’s everything in your life?”, Wyatt broke the silence.

He often used this phrase to strike up a conversation with people he was close to.

“You still stuck on this clichéd opening line?”, asked Darcy as he was downing another bottle of beer.

“I don’t ask this because I don’t have anything to talk about. Sometimes, you feel good if you have someone to ask you this! At least, I do.”, replied Wyatt.

“Wow! She really messed you up, didn’t she?”, Darcy somehow always struck the right chord with him. Probably he was the only one who understood him. Wyatt was still waiting to get his answer.

“Oh! I haven’t yet been able to get over whatever has happened recently. There is this excruciating mental pain. It really hurts a lot.” Wyatt looked down as if he was responsible for what was happening to Darcy.

“Hey, do you want me to relieve you from it? I swear I can help you forget that”, cried Wyatt.

“No. Why would anyone want to forget stuff that hurts them? Sometimes that is the only memory of people you have who did this to you. People have such wrong notions about grief. They feel it collapses their world from inside, but it indeed opens new ones that they have never explored.” His response made Wyatt think how much Darcy had grown.

“That’s easy to say for a person who has no clue of what is happening around him”, argued Wyatt.

“I think you are right! I constantly have a feeling that I am a puppet and this world around me is not the real one. It is somehow feels like everything in my life is pre-planned. Nothing ever changes. Everything follows its course and my world is being designed by someone else. I don’t feel free”.

“How down are you?”, asked Wyatt.

“7 beers.” “Well that explains most of it!”.

“But that is something I envy about you! You can be anyone, do whatever you want at that moment. I will remain the jack of all but you can be the master of anything!”, Wyatt went on pointing to Darcy’s bottle.

“You can forget anything you want, not care to care and just move on! You know people like me are idiots. They are like stars. They pretend to move on, but it’s just a lie.” Darcy cut him in between, “People are beautiful. They are like stars and the milky way. You just need to look at them through a proper angle and at proper times.” They both smiled.

Wyatt got up to leave. He bid adieu to Darcy saying, “I am making you the astronomer in the next story. Buckle up.” “At your command sir! I am sentenced to drama for life.”

Conversation between a writer and his character is always interesting.


One thought on “Sentenced to drama for life

  1. Yet another fascinating blog post. I’ve always admired how there’s another story hidden inside every story. Sometimes, even though I know it, I’m still pleasantly surprised towards the end. On other occasions, I’m clueless and allow the puzzle to unravel itself. This one in particular holds a special place. Writers and puppeteers, characters and puppets, references to people as ‘stars’… Incredibly enjoyable! I’ll tune in to this blog each time I want to be swept away to a different world. Thank you for sharing these brilliant pieces!

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