The Playing Crusaders

“Man, again! It has been the third consecutive time. Just because of you I need to sit out of this one as well”, said Lancelot, looking dejected. “What am I supposed to do? Even I am out myself. Maybe, they do not care enough for us”, replied Sancroft.

Sancroft and Lancelot, though enemies on the battlefield, were fast friends outside. The two always had the most interesting conversations ever, whenever they could catch up. “You know, I have heard they are getting a bigger playground for us. Do you think they will let us play there?” chirped Lancelot. He was the inquisitive, impulsive one. Sancroft on the other hand was calm and answered practically. “I doubt that. With a bigger playground, new teams would come in as well. We might get in as substitutes someday though”, singlehandedly bringing down the excitement level of Lancelot.

Even though both of them were considered equals, the two played significantly different roles. While Lancelot was famous for his quick, short, unexpected attacks, Sancroft was favored for his long term visions. “I really admire the way you showed grit and determination to grow. It took you some time to get the basics right, but now I guess, you are one of the most dangerous players I have ever met!” “We are all puppets, my friend! We perform the way he wants us to”, replied Lancelot elegantly.

“But, I guess, you are the quickest grasper of the game. Moreover, anyone can piss me off. Even the weakest of the players, force me to move. You fight them fearlessly”, Sancroft went down the praising lane. “You were never meant to fight the weakest players. You can simply jump over them. You are meant to attack the strongest ones and you are the only one who can make him answer”, said Lancelot consoling him. “Trust me, I am closer to them, than you are, and you always make them shiver”, adding a bounty for Sancroft with that statement.
“I am just a sidekick. Alone, I am incapable of finishing the game, unlike you guys. You are so touch perfect with your long distance hits. I know I can never achieve that! I guess, in the end we are all born for different purposes, aren’t we?”

“At least you can meet your beloved at the same place. No matter, how hard I try, we will always share an asymptotic relationship”, Sancroft’ eyes turned moist. “Even though we meet, how long do we stay together? Our roles make us replace each other.”

The silence between the two could be heard. “Your Highness”, said Sancroft breaking the silence, as the queen passed them. “Looks like the game is about to get over”, they deduced. “She can reflect all of us and better, but not you. Doesn’t that make you feel special?” This brought a smile on Lancelot’s face. “Yes it does! Thanks.”

The game just ended in front of them. “Here it comes”, said Sancroft as two hands came down to pick them up and stuff into the box. “Hey Sancroft, are you still afraid of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone?”, giggled Lancelot just before parting ways. “Haha, not as much as the Dark Knight is scared of our pawns”, shouted Sancroft. “You son of a Bishop.”