Fallen Forests


“Reality is a three way, A scenery defined by tomorrow dubbed a mystery and the past just blurry lines”.
Poets of the fall played in the background as James was writing a letter. He was trying to lip sync to the lines of the song and kept grinning since he heard the last line. James had just started working in the tech industry. Graduated fresh out of college, it was his first job. Though, a small place to work at, he did well to punch above his weight to land at this one. He toiled hard, worked for hours to compensate for lack of work force the company had. Even though he had no time for himself, there was one thing he did regularly apart from talking to his parents. Write letters to Emily.
James and Emily wasted a forest talking to each other. In this age of technology, writing letters was a rare activity. The two of them had a unique pact that they would only speak through handwritten letters. He made sure to post the letters every morning when he left for the office. The number of letters they sent probably made a good chunk of posts received by the National Postal Service. The wait made them much more eager to read the messages.

James spent most of his free time re-reading old messages by Emily, imagining how the conversation would have taken place had Emily been in front of him. Sometimes, he even mimicked her speaking style and had long conversations with himself. He often flipped through their memories back to the time they were strangers once. He remembered everything.

They were about a thousand miles apart, but she still moved the oceans inside him. Emily imagined him in her verses and James envisioned her in his prose. In his letters, James told her how his mind had recorded every memory of hers, and all he would do was have a quick playback, whenever he felt low.
She always blushed when James made such comments. She always thought that James was extremely bad mapping dates and events to each other and was always correcting him. James, in one his letters described about 30 dates correctly mapped with events related to Emily. He later revealed that the only reason he made those mistakes was because he loved being corrected by her leaving Emily. This made her red. She really did not need to wear any kind of makeup as long as she could blush. James already imagined the way she would have looked when she read this.
He got to reimagine this when he received Emily’s reply. Exactly as he thought, he read her perfectly.
“It’s through one of your letters I got to know that I have sparkling brown eyes’”, answered Emily. It was James turn to go crimson.
James was about to leave for the office. He picked up the letter he wrote the day before and went near the exit door. He flipped through old memories in his mind. That’s how they became strangers. Again.
As he left the house, he put the letter in his cupboard, on the pile of unposted letters.

So many untold thoughts, unspoken words, unheard statements rested in those unposted letters.