Down the high road

Things get a little complicated down the high road. People generally get deadlocked in the state their mind is in. Raj and Rahul appeared in such contrasting moods. Rahul appeared a little grim. An air of melancholy surrounded him. Raj seemed happy, letting out his crazy laugh once in a while. “I want you to write my name once we get back”, said Rahul.

“Why can’t you just get over her?”, asked Raj to a visibly depressed Rahul as they walked with Raj following Rahul. Rahul shrugged, “You think it is easy? When you have had someone as an integral part of your thought process for the past 3 years, you think it is this simple?”, looking grimmer and more intense as he completed his sentence. “Ever since I met her, I rarely have spent a day without thinking about her.”

“Is she with someone?”, inquired Raj assuring him that he does not intend to try on her. “Not exactly. But there is this one guy”, replied Rahul, his face going paler. “What kind of a person is he?”

Rahul was not someone who would stand out if queried with a ‘distinct’ keyword. He was just an ordinary computer geek who was good at his course work. Nothing to set him apart. An emotional fool as some people called him, he had started to have feelings for the girl ever since he came into the institute.

“He is one of the best people I have met at this place”, he answered, thinking what was it that he missed. Did he not care well enough for her to even notice and acknowledge?

“How is it different from what is it is between the two of you?”, asked Raj continuing with his unending set of questions making Rahul more uncomfortable. Though an extrovert on the outside, Rahul kept some things to himself. But today seemed a little different. Perhaps the cannabis had the better of him. “They met at a student chapter and some organization meetings. They eventually got close and started going out. As days passed, their friendship grew stronger. For me, we were both just classmates, didn’t talk a lot in the first year and majority of second year. During the second year vacations, we went for training at the same place. That was when we came really close. I miss that time like hell. Meanwhile, the guy got into a relationship with some other girl.”, seemed like his whining was just getting started.

“Wait, what? The guy got committed to some other girl?”, Raj’s eyes lighting up. “Yup. but they broke up soon. Seems like he was just ‘confused’ about whom he liked”.

A flashback of the time he spent about a year back crossed his mind. This had happened a lot of times before. It gave him mixed feelings. The memories brought a smile onto his face but that usually turned into a frown thinking of how things had changed after those vacations. Suddenly, everything appeared different. The bonding looked lost. Something unusual did happen, but absence of a plausible explanation was killing him from inside.

“I don’t understand why people are confused with such things”, started Raj. Though a little stingy with words, he was always good at advises. “It is so simple. If he really liked the first one, he would have never fallen for someone else.” Rahul’s eyes sparkled. “Hmm. Maybe you are right. They are out on a date today as well. I asked her out thrice, she seemed to be busy then. You know, I have realized, when people say, I’ll get back to you, never get your hopes high. It hurts when they don’t get fulfilled. Just about a year back, we spent hours talking to each other, and now she behaves as if she does not even know me. It is painful to know, when you are crying for someone, they are busy laughing with someone else”, Rahul had strayed on the sentiyappa street earlier as well, but today the mood seemed hard to let go.

“Hey, don’t worry. They say life is like quicksort, everything eventually will fall into its right place. You just need to wait until you are chosen to be a pivot”, said Raj, trying to support his nerdy friend. “But, I don’t get it. Why is it O(n^2) for me when it is O(nlogn) for others?”, the geek in him might be gullible, but the pessimism was hard to beat. The countless conversations he had with her were all taped in his mind. All he had to do was just press the start button and he would go down the memory lane.

Raj gave a weird look which read, ‘How am I ever going to convince this guy!’ as he removed an apple from his bag. He had a bizarre obsession with them. The aura around him always appeared a little ghostly, the reason why he was friends with only a specific set of people. “You will never be able to”, answered Rahul, as if he read his mind. They finally reached their hostels. The distance they walked even though was less than a mile seemed like eternity. Rahul smiled and waved at a guy passing by. He didn’t notice Raj. No one around ever did. The same way she ignores me probably, thought Rahul. “There he is, presumably his date got over a little before time today.” Raj looked a little surprised.

“How does this make a difference if she goes out with you or him?”, asked Raj, pointing to the mirror Rahul just waved at. “It’s my alter ego. Are you done with your questions, Raj?”, replied a tired Rahul. “Just a last one. Why have you been calling me Raj all day?”. “Things do get little hazy down the high road. Sorry …. Ryuk”, acknowledged Rahul as Ryuk let out his cancerous laugh before he wrote ‘Rahul’ in his note as they had promised before they took this walk.

–The Broken Wizard.