The loop

A Student's Diary

He couldn’t help this feeling of deja vu he had been having of late.
“Bah, it’s like I am stuck in an endless loop of misery.”

Sameer took in another puff of the cigarette, and wondered how his life would have turned out had he not been an impulsive fool.

“You came here for what?” his friends had cried in shock.
“To see her. It’s been too long. What’s with the surprised look? I might even get my own timeless love story today, you just watch.”

What his friends did get to see was him getting drunk and making a fool out of himself on the streets of the night-loving city. Turned out the love of his life had moved on, and how. She and her beau were all over each other half an hour into their long-awaited meet. All he could do was watch in silence and hold back his…

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