Real Time Facial Expression Recognition!

Real Time Facial Expression Recognition. This field has been live since the 1970’s. As automation is taking over in all fields, Detection and Analysis of Facial Expressions has been an interesting and challenging topic to work on. I have used the Eigen Face modelling technique for this project. The crux of analyzing things in real time has been the speed of processing. Since, an image needs to be processed before the next frame gets loaded, speeding up of processing was the main focus of my project. A lot was learnt during this endeavor and a lot of techniques employed here maybe useful for people referring this blog.

This, was a part of my summer research project at the end of my second year at National Institute of Technology, Surat under my guide Dr. M.A.Zaveri, Associate Professor, SVNIT, Surat.

The idea crept in from an interesting incident. Being an avid and a fond reader of Human psychology and emotion science, I thought of creating an application wherein a machine can determine Facial Expressions and judge mental state of a person. The following is my project report for the same.

Project Report (1)

I had given a small talk on the same topic. You can find the power point presentation here:

The Talk!

The live Video can be found here:

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